Better Late Than Never…?

I kept my word! If you read my last post I told you that I was going to go right upstairs and take pictures of my bedroom that I neglected to update you on last summer when I finished it. So, I’ve been living in my bedroom the way it is now and of course I love it. I’ve went through phases of hating it at times and loving it the next, but it is so true that a room really is never done, at least not for me. I always thought (and still sometimes do) that I could put a room together in a day simply because I am so impatient. This is clearly wrong because my room really has never stopped changing since I initiated the whole re-design last year. Literally a year ago is when I decided I’d be changing things up and boy has it been slow. I even moved things around as recent as this past weekend just to change things up a bit. So, without further ado, here is my bedroom!

My frame wall is looking a little rough because there’s something missing and I still have to paint the wall underneath because of the quote I painted on there many years ago (the black you see behind the frames). This is why there’s awkwardly a huge frame at the top! Nevertheless, I love the way this little wall looks. It’s very quaint and fun-looking to me.



 I showed you my TV stand/organizer a couple of posts ago when it looked very different. Now, It is very fresh and clean looking. I love that some of the cubbies have just a frame or some type of decor while there are also a couple of baskets thrown in for contrast. Those baskets are a mess inside, that’s what I love about storage solutions!

Oh, and those curtains are the ones I made after buying fabric from JoAnn Fabrics. That’s a beautiful HGTV fabric I found and I love the color it adds to my room!


Here is a close up of one of the cubbies. It really isn’t anything spectacular, but I love the way I get to show off my piece of pottery I got in Honduras when I went on a cruise this past summer! It is something totally different that I would never buy had it been in a store like HomeGoods or somewhere similar. I love it mainly because it brings back happy memories of the cruise and because it is handmade by a very talented person! Oh, and I’ve read about 50% of those books there. I did watch The Help in movie form if that counts..


 Moving to the right of the window we have my little desk area. This isn’t a real “desk” as I’d call it, more like a table. It was $19 at IKEA. How do you get any better than that? My desk desk is at my apartment at college and I felt I needed some type of table to keep things.


In fact, though it may not look like it, I keep a lot of things on this desk..


Hidden storage is my best friend. Next I’ll show you a close up of a very awesome piece of art I got for Christmas. I put it on my list from the Nordstrom website. What makes it so great is that it’s wood and it adds so much to my wall. I have mainly white frames (and white everything else) everywhere so I absolutely love what this does for my walls. Plus, the message is great, too.


 Moving again to the right is my “get ready” area that I had on my list back a couple of blog posts. It turned out to be amazing. Not pictured is a little hair dryer, straighter, brush caddy that I have. I place it right next to the mirror for easy use and I sit right on the stool that is currently holding my cute Kate Spade makeup bag. My Mom and Sister frequent my room to check themselves out in this massive HomeGoods full-length mirror! Garden stool is, of course, from HomeGoods.


 My bed/night stands really haven’t changed too much but I figured I’d highlight them again anyways. I hung a little “S” ornament from Anthropologie I received for Christmas on my Nate Berkus Urn from Target. I got this for around $6 (from $23) on sale at the ole Targ.


 I love the way my bed looks with everything surrounding it. Because I chose a white comforter, I decided I could add plenty of color around. I love the pop of red in the pillows and the many different colors in the print above my bed. The maps also add something special too. They add a subtlety to the whole look of the bed and it’s actually pretty relaxing. On the right side, I moved my lamp over to fit more stuff. I found that having the large lamp on my some-what small IKEA Rast drawers was a little intrusive and not very user-friendly. So, I moved that over to make room for a book and a little something else.


 No, that is not magic. That is a fake book from HomeGoods that I use to store my clickers. Genius? Yes, yes it is.


 I just wanted to give you a closer look at this amazing Joss and Main art piece I ordered a few weeks ago. It is on wood and although the image online looked a little different (it looked like it had panels of wood like my ‘Chin Up Buttercup’ piece from Nordstrom) I love the way it looks in my room. I’m always trying to branch out and add color and if this isn’t color, I don’t know what is.

ImageHere is a last and final look inside my room from the door way. You cannot see everything here but I wanted to give you an idea of where exactly all of the furniture is laid out. I find this the best layout for my room because of the placement of the two windows and the two closet and entry doorways.


  Clearly that chandelier-thing from Urban Outfitters is not supposed to be attached like that, but I cannot go without a ceiling fan so that is the solution (and has been) for now. It really isn’t that bad in person and I love, love, love that chandelier. I got it for $20 or so at Urban Outfitters a couple of years ago!

I am sorry this took so long but finally I have chronicled what my bedroom looks like now! As I said, it was a very long process but it was so worth it. The best part is stumbling across different things from stores like HomeGoods or online at Joss and Main or One Kings Lane and adding them to a room. I’ve really warmed up to not having everything match and I am loving it! Until later…




Cheap & Fast: everything you don’t want a date to be…

……but for a room..that sounds great! Sign me up!

This morning I was talking to a friend, and she shares a room at home with her sister. She’s 21 and basically over it. She wants her own space to call her’s, a place she can go to and get away from other people. We all need a place like that at home, right? The problem is, she has no means of moving out and there is not an extra room at home for her to move into.

I decided i’d help her out and research some things she could do in order to quickly and inexpensively make some adjustments to her room. All with the help of Ikea (meaning everything I picked out is from Ikea).

This is the mood board I made!

Very simple, very easy. She already has stuff in her room, and if we are going cheap we cannot totally redecorate. One of her problems is she doesn’t have a bed. Only a mattress on the ground.

1. A cheap, $50 bed from Ikea. It comes in the plain wood, but I plan to paint it white. Her comforter is white, which I love.

2. A side table from Ikea. And get this –Its $7.99. Can you believe it? How can you beat that. It has clean edges and it’s the perfect height.

3. The wire and curtain are my solution to separating her and her sister’s “sides” of the room. This attatches to the wall at the top towards the ceiling, and connects to the opposite wall. It comes with clips to attach the curtain. $6.99 Ikea

4. This curtain is very neutral, very simple. I chose this one because she cannot really have a very “loud” curtain, because her sister will be seeing it, too. This allows both girls to be able to contribute whatever colors they want on either side of the room. $12.99 Ikea. We would probably use anywhere from 2-4 panels.

5. That brings the pillows in. The first one is from Joann Fabrics that I plan to find and make for her. She won’t have to pay for this, so I am not adding it into the budget. Anyways- I would not know the price until I buy based on how much material I get. The yellow chevron is also a great pattern. For this one, I will buy it from etsy, and it comes with 2 pillow covers for $13.00.  I just have to buy the inserts, which I can do from Joann.

6. I love this little lamp that can go right on her side table. It brings in a huge amount of color- I love orange. This is only $14.99 from Ikea!

That totals out to about $106 without the pillows, which as I mentioned I am going to do for her as a gift.

I haven’t shown her yet, hopefully she likes! What’s so great is that it’s basically a one stop shop besides the pillows. I’ll post pictures if I end up doing her room over with my ideas.




Ok, so clearly I did not post pictures of my big room challenge reveal. That could maybe, possibley be because it never happened.

So I didn’t have the time and yadda yadda yadda. Of course, I still yearn to change my room at home just for fun. I don’t even live there full time right now, so I can only do these projects when i’m home on weekends. I decided to go more drastic, though.

Despite my desires to paint my room (yet again), I decided I will hold off on that. I am thinking a gray though, and repainting the woodwork white so it really pops. It’s been a while since it’s been painted and the boards are a little chipped from me moving furniture and nicking it.

This time, this weekend, I will up-cycle my current bedroom furniture. The bureau and two end tables will be sanded, painted, and the hardware will be replaced. The color is where I am at a stand still. I hate choosing colors because i’m so indecisive. I think i’d like gray, but what if I paint my room gray in the future and the furniture is gray? Right now my room is a very neutral beige color.

For now, I am going to look in my design books and get some ideas for furniture colors. I don’t like “wood” color at all. It must be black, white, or another color. Unless its a dark wood, maybe.

I do, however, like to mix and match colors. For budget purposes, that’s not something I will be doing this weekend.

If you have any suggestions as to what colors to paint my furniture, do share! I enjoy the feedback when I get it.

I will be sure to include my “before” room and then my “in progress” room. Because, as I’ve said before, my rooms will never be done.



Home Sweet room to decorate

I just love being home, especially in the fall. There is a special type of feeling that comes with the season and leaves its footprint on my home, in my town. It’s so cheery and oh so lovely. Winter swoops in and brings an even more special, cheery feeling to my life. Not to say fall does not do this to other homes, to other towns, but for me, I feel it especially in my little town.

Whenever i’m home I want to rearrange my room. Something I have been doing since I can remember, since at least third grade. Except then, it was every two weeks and I would have to ask my Dad to move the stuff for me because it was too heavy. Now, I feel like the muscles I have were built up from the amount of times I have rearranged my room on my own. I’ve got some serious leg muscles, people. My bureau is one heavy piece of furniture.

This time, though, my recent obsession with interior design and HGTV has inspired me to rearrange in a different, a more special and fun way. With the seasons beautiful feelings and my excitement for “change,” I have decided to present myself with a challenge, and share it with all of you!

I am going to rearrange/remodel my room using only things I can find in my house, but I want it to look almost completely different than it does now. I will give myself as long as B is at the gym, so about an hour and a half to two hours. In this time I will move my furniture around and the pictures on the wall (that have been placed in their exact spots for a couple of years now) and add things from our collection of fall decor from the basement. I want my room to have a new feeling, a new look, a new ambiance.

Right now it is a tad bit empty for my liking. Growing up, I have always had a clutter-y room because I cannot seem stop myself from buying stuff and I cannot get myself to throw things away. Now that I’m at school in a totally different room, my at-home room suffers the consequences and is a little bare, with a few knick knacks sitting on my bureau and no TV.

In my next post, either later tonight or tomorrow, I will include the before and after pictures of my room! I will let you all know what I changed and where my motivation came from. Unfortunately, my decorating books are at school where I have a special place for them, but I will use my own techniques to decide what I think looks best. After all, it is MY room :).


Wish me luck!



Growing up- My new Apartment!

Finally! I have been waiting to post pictures of my bedroom in my new apartment for weeks now. It is finally here, although a little late according to the countdown I posted a few weeks ago. Better late than never, right!?

Before you see the pictures, you should know that I do not consider my room done by any means. Even when it is “done,” it will never be done. I love looking in the home section of stores like Target and TJ Maxx and there is no doubt that I will buy something each time, even if I don’t need it. My philosophy is that I’ll just find a place for it! I’m kind of more comfortable in clutter anyway.

First, here is my least favorite wall thus far…


The apartment is pretty old, so the walls are kind of choppy. My mom and I spent an entire day scrubbing the walls and footboards so it feels and looks clean! The string with polaroids/pictures will fill up as I take pictures of worthy moments. They are hung by paper clips and paper clamps.

My other not-so-favorite, not-even-close-to-done wall is this..

   It’s not horrible, it’s just so bland. I cannot wait to get some more frames. As you can see in the bottom left of the organizer, I have a framed photo of the ladies from Sex And The City, one of my favorite shows. I’d like to get a couple more pictures that size, maybe three, two black frames and one white. Not sure what pictures i’d do, but I think it’d look pretty above the TV station!

This next picture is my favorite part, other than my bed. I just worked on this today. It is not finished, I plan to add on many more frames and pictures to the wall, but I love the way it is looking now, too.


The gallery wall! I’ve been waiting to do this for some time now. I’ve had the frames forever! I did all black and white pictures. I don’t really like the look of hanging pictures on walls, so making them black and white makes them blend in. It looks cheesy to me. You can always get the pop of color out of the frame!

Last but not least, the entire room. Here is where everything came together. My painted white furniture, my gallery wall, my DIY Pillows. I love it!


There it is! Post comments, i’d love to see what you guys think! And if you have any questions about where products are from, i’ll be happy to share!