Better Late Than Never…?

I kept my word! If you read my last post I told you that I was going to go right upstairs and take pictures of my bedroom that I neglected to update you on last summer when I finished it. So, I’ve been living in my bedroom the way it is now and of course I love it. I’ve went through phases of hating it at times and loving it the next, but it is so true that a room really is never done, at least not for me. I always thought (and still sometimes do) that I could put a room together in a day simply because I am so impatient. This is clearly wrong because my room really has never stopped changing since I initiated the whole re-design last year. Literally a year ago is when I decided I’d be changing things up and boy has it been slow. I even moved things around as recent as this past weekend just to change things up a bit. So, without further ado, here is my bedroom!

My frame wall is looking a little rough because there’s something missing and I still have to paint the wall underneath because of the quote I painted on there many years ago (the black you see behind the frames). This is why there’s awkwardly a huge frame at the top! Nevertheless, I love the way this little wall looks. It’s very quaint and fun-looking to me.



 I showed you my TV stand/organizer a couple of posts ago when it looked very different. Now, It is very fresh and clean looking. I love that some of the cubbies have just a frame or some type of decor while there are also a couple of baskets thrown in for contrast. Those baskets are a mess inside, that’s what I love about storage solutions!

Oh, and those curtains are the ones I made after buying fabric from JoAnn Fabrics. That’s a beautiful HGTV fabric I found and I love the color it adds to my room!


Here is a close up of one of the cubbies. It really isn’t anything spectacular, but I love the way I get to show off my piece of pottery I got in Honduras when I went on a cruise this past summer! It is something totally different that I would never buy had it been in a store like HomeGoods or somewhere similar. I love it mainly because it brings back happy memories of the cruise and because it is handmade by a very talented person! Oh, and I’ve read about 50% of those books there. I did watch The Help in movie form if that counts..


 Moving to the right of the window we have my little desk area. This isn’t a real “desk” as I’d call it, more like a table. It was $19 at IKEA. How do you get any better than that? My desk desk is at my apartment at college and I felt I needed some type of table to keep things.


In fact, though it may not look like it, I keep a lot of things on this desk..


Hidden storage is my best friend. Next I’ll show you a close up of a very awesome piece of art I got for Christmas. I put it on my list from the Nordstrom website. What makes it so great is that it’s wood and it adds so much to my wall. I have mainly white frames (and white everything else) everywhere so I absolutely love what this does for my walls. Plus, the message is great, too.


 Moving again to the right is my “get ready” area that I had on my list back a couple of blog posts. It turned out to be amazing. Not pictured is a little hair dryer, straighter, brush caddy that I have. I place it right next to the mirror for easy use and I sit right on the stool that is currently holding my cute Kate Spade makeup bag. My Mom and Sister frequent my room to check themselves out in this massive HomeGoods full-length mirror! Garden stool is, of course, from HomeGoods.


 My bed/night stands really haven’t changed too much but I figured I’d highlight them again anyways. I hung a little “S” ornament from Anthropologie I received for Christmas on my Nate Berkus Urn from Target. I got this for around $6 (from $23) on sale at the ole Targ.


 I love the way my bed looks with everything surrounding it. Because I chose a white comforter, I decided I could add plenty of color around. I love the pop of red in the pillows and the many different colors in the print above my bed. The maps also add something special too. They add a subtlety to the whole look of the bed and it’s actually pretty relaxing. On the right side, I moved my lamp over to fit more stuff. I found that having the large lamp on my some-what small IKEA Rast drawers was a little intrusive and not very user-friendly. So, I moved that over to make room for a book and a little something else.


 No, that is not magic. That is a fake book from HomeGoods that I use to store my clickers. Genius? Yes, yes it is.


 I just wanted to give you a closer look at this amazing Joss and Main art piece I ordered a few weeks ago. It is on wood and although the image online looked a little different (it looked like it had panels of wood like my ‘Chin Up Buttercup’ piece from Nordstrom) I love the way it looks in my room. I’m always trying to branch out and add color and if this isn’t color, I don’t know what is.

ImageHere is a last and final look inside my room from the door way. You cannot see everything here but I wanted to give you an idea of where exactly all of the furniture is laid out. I find this the best layout for my room because of the placement of the two windows and the two closet and entry doorways.


  Clearly that chandelier-thing from Urban Outfitters is not supposed to be attached like that, but I cannot go without a ceiling fan so that is the solution (and has been) for now. It really isn’t that bad in person and I love, love, love that chandelier. I got it for $20 or so at Urban Outfitters a couple of years ago!

I am sorry this took so long but finally I have chronicled what my bedroom looks like now! As I said, it was a very long process but it was so worth it. The best part is stumbling across different things from stores like HomeGoods or online at Joss and Main or One Kings Lane and adding them to a room. I’ve really warmed up to not having everything match and I am loving it! Until later…




Way Overdue Update

Whoa. One word that describes the amount of projects I have completed since my last post in December! I had a lot of ideas in my last post such as my bedroom, my basement, and my living room. What actually did happen was my bedroom and an office in the basement. The basement upgrade is where I am going to start, because it’s what happened first!

I also wanted to update the blogosphere with my current whereabouts in life. Still in college, of course, at the back stretch of my third year! Woohoo, I could not be more excited to get this year over with and for the summer to start! I started sewing more often because I got a sewing machine for Christmas! I wouldn’t say I’m a pro, but I do have something pretty awesome to share. Also, I am in the middle of a complete room remodel! I know I shared that I wanted to do my bedroom in my last post, but I had no idea that it would be this drastic when I started. That’s it’s own post, or maybe even a couple though.

So now that you’re caught up to speed on me, let’s get caught up to speed on this office in the basement.

After I wrote that blog post and heard my sister talk about how she needed an office in our house, I decided I would take it upon myself and make her one. How does the basement come in? Well, because, the office is in the basement. The only problem I had to begin with was that our basement was a full service storage facility. We did nothing but keep things we didn’t want to deal with down there, and that made my job even harder!

So, once I COMPLETELY organized the basement and put things into a more organized mess, I could get started on my sisters office. Mind you, she had NO IDEA this was happening, and the big reveal didn’t happen until Christmas! It was great surprising her, I loved it. Keeping it a surprise, though, was not so fun.

I started by choosing what I wanted to use for my sister’s furniture in her office. I chose Ikea, of course, because Im a college girl on a college budget and I cannot afford anything besides Ikea basically, hah! So, I surfed the web on and found some great prospects. I finally settled on these two pieces of furniture:

Image         Image

The desk is the Micke for $59.99 from Ikea, and the shelving unit is the Expedit for $89.99. I bought the desk and my mom contributed by buying the shelving. I also got a pink swivel chair from Ikea as well, but you will see that in the finished product.

After painting the walls over in her portion of the basement a grayish purple, I got started with assembling the furniture.

Enough with words, though, how about some pictures?

This is a progress picture. Of course you can see the painted walls and the desk put together and in place.

ImageAs you can also see from the picture, I moved our little electric fireplace over into the basement because it gets really cold down there in the winter. Also, the shelving is not up yet, I waited until the next day to add this.

You can also see the lamp I bought, from ikea, and the bowl with decorations from ikea, as well as the chair which I mentioned before. Hard progress people, hard progress.

Once the furniture was together, I opted to paint the windows white. They look nasty in this picture to be brutally honest, so you can probably see why I opted to do so. I didn’t paint the woodwork because I actually like the real wood color of it, and I’d have to do the entire basement in that case which I was not feeling.


This is the layout I put on the ground before deciding what I’d do on the wall above the desk. The frames are guessed it, Ikea! The letter is from PB Teen, a Christmas gift from when my sister and I were younger. The crayon creation is something I did a while back and had nowhere to put it. Viola! Instant office art.

I am not a huge fan of pictures in frames on walls, unless they’re black and white. I just feel like it looks messy, I don’t know, I’m weird. So, I found some pretty, girly, scrapbook paper and opted to put that in the frames as well. I did put one small picture of my sister and her boyfriend, and in the big frame I put a black and white picture of my  sister and I that was published in a newspaper when we were younger. Cute!

Here is the finished wall,


You can also see the desk accessories here as well. The candle was something I had at home, the vase with flowers was also something from home, but my mom found the fake flowers somewhere and added them later. My mom also added the ribbon board for my sister to add papers she needs to see up front! The lamp is from IKea, and the two little jars are also an Ikea addition. In here I added tacks and paper clips. The stapler and post-its are from Staples. The agenda you see there is mine, and I bought a little stand from The Dollar Store. I put that there so she could see what I would use it for, she put’s hers there now!

Now, for the full office,


I added the Keurig coffee maker there last minute! You can also see a little bit of the shelves, but here’s a closer look,


I got her some magazine files for added storage as well as the boxes on the bottom for the same thing. My mom added the baskets for hidden storage. I left one square open for anything she wanted to add herself!

On the top is a little Christmas decoration, because it was Christmas when I showed her! Also, I added her college graduation pictures on top of the Expedit to showcase her hard work!


Over in the corner area I added these curtains to separate her from that side of the basement. The pink also accents the chair nicely! Plus, now there’s something else behind that curtain that I will share in a later post.

Here’s the full office,


You can see the painted windows that look MUCH better than the original color. So, there it is! My first project of winter break (even though it’s now spring semester). Oh, and it got rave reviews from everyone. My sister LOVED it when she saw it, and she still loves it now that she’s using it! She turns the TV around while she’s working, but don’t tell her company that!

More to come!



Updated Gallery Wall

I posted my first draft gallery wall in my most recent post debuting the not-so-finished product of my room. I since have updated the wall by adding a few more pieces!

Here’s the picture,

What I added to the mix was four things. The bottom right is a homemade jewelry holder. My roommate made it. It has the netting behind it which was stapled into the frame, which was painted white. I used it to hang earrings as I can’t put nails into my wall and the necklaces would be too heavy! Yay command strips!

I also made the two top canvas pieces with the chevron patterns. The left one, although looks black, is a dark brown, and the right one is obviously orange. I love orange right now, and I knew i wanted to corporate it somehow in my piece. The pieces aren’t perfect by any means. I had do them by hand, but at first glance they look perfect anyways! I love handmade, homemade things anyways, so having a few imperfections reminds us that they aren’t bought from a store and made by a machine.

The frame in the middle I found in the mix of my old dorm room things. I ripped a page from an inspirational book out and placed it in the frame. I love the way the different angles of the frames and canvas correspond with each other. Before buying frames, you really do not have to decide which angles and sizes you need. Buy what you want, and take things from other places to incorporate them as well. It will turn out unique and different, you don’t need to have all the same size/shape stuff!

As I said before in my previous post, I don’t love the look of hanging colored pictures on a wall. This is why I chose to print my photos in black and white. That allows for me to bring in other ways to pop some color out. I did this with the “Keep Calm and Carry On” print, as well as my chevron patterns.

My Dollar Store Chalkboard can feature anything I so choose. I decided to write the  current month in a squished font. I may do this for October and the other months, as well. I will decide when the time comes, and share what I choose to put!

There it is! As I mentioned in previous posts, I don’t believe my room will ever be done. Just for now..:)



Time keeps moving

Isn’t it weird how nothing seems to change, but when you look back on your life it is totally different? It’s crazy how different events and people evolve in and out of our lives and how they have such a huge yet subtle impact on the person we are. I’ve fallen into this deep thinking because it is August yet again, my 5th year in a row saying “see you later” to my boyfriend as I leave for school. For the first year of our relationship we were in high school together, after that he was in college for 2 years while I finished up high school, then we were in college for two years together, and now I have two more years left and he is graduated. It is insane that we are where we are today.

I remember the absolute desperation I felt when B left for his freshman year of college. I was afraid he’d find some hot college aged girl to be with. He never did. He stayed by my side while I was a little high schooler for two years. After that I joined the college scene and I had no desire for anyone but him, and I knew how he did it.

While being in high school, I felt like I was so immature and young, and there was not much of a chance he’d stay with me. But I was still me, and he still loved me. Being in his position it’s so easy to cheat and break up because yes, it is hard. But it’s also so easy, because I love him and I don’t want anyone else.

It is hard, too, leaving every early September and not knowing when I’ll see him again. Granted, it will probably be 3 weeks at the most, but it still sucks. I give so much credit to military girlfriends or anyone who goes to school thousands of miles apart. For me, it’s just an hour 45 minutes, but I still miss him so much. I guess you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

We will be fine, though, just like we have been for the past 5 years. We always will be.