Lists and Chairs and Dressers, Oh My!

I have been one busy gal these past few months, seemingly too busy to update my blog! I really need to get better at this. Another thing I’m horrible at? Remembering to take before pictures of my projects. I’m sitting on my bed in my 98% done room with no before pictures from the projects I completed today, this weekend, or the past few months. What I can do, though, is rummage through my iPhoto and find some random pictures that I took of my room before and use them as ‘before’ pics. Good idea? Maybe not, but it’s the only idea so it’ll do.

First I’ll make a list of the things I wanted to complete and I’ll touch on a couple of them in this post, and the rest in other posts. Believe me, nobody wants to read the novel this would be if I posted all of the projects in one post.

1. Get two new nightstands/bureaus

2. Get rid of the couch and add a different seating arrangement in my room

3. Get new curtains

4. Make new pillows

5. Find an inexpensive, colorful rug

6. Create a gallery wall

7. Create a “get ready” area with a floor length mirror and bench

8. Add frames and decor to the walls

Okay, I think that’s everything I wanted to do. Not everything was done here, but a lot was done that is not here. I’ll start with what I did first.

1. Get two new nightstands/bureaus

My bureau was just not right. Probably illegal in a couple states. I may be exaggerating, but now that I have my new stuff, It seems even worse to me. A couple posts pack, I had mentioned the layout I wanted for my room. I told you guys about the Rast dressers, which I got, and how I would grab two for either side of my bed and use those as storage solutions, which I did.

This was the first thing I got done on the list right at the beginning of winter break back in December. I knew I wanted to paint them an exotic, pop-of-color, color, but I hadn’t decided what yet. I’m an extremely indecisive person, so you can imagine the internal battles I had when trying to chose how to hack the Ikea Rast dressers.

I chose Citron by Behr. It is kind of like a grellow color, green and yellow together. I bought the dressers (at about $35 a pop), built them, sanded, primed, and painted. I also bought some new knobs for them, they’re just clear crystal knobs. Things were looking up until I was done painting them. Let me show you:


How neon can you get? I tried my best, I really did, to let my eyes adjust to the 7-year-old-bedroom-color. I even tried to dress them up like I did here. Nothing worked. After a few weeks, I resorted to painting them white:


I instantly felt better, like I had been placed right back into my comfort zone. After that mistake, I think I’ll stick to what I’m good at..white furniture.

So once that little mishap was out of the way, I could put them beside my bed at ease. In the picture with the green dresser, that was under my mirror. I have since moved it back to the left side of my bed adjacent to my bed and it’s Rast parter. My next dilemma was decorating them. That, though, took a lot of trial and error.

Also, sorry for the crappy pictures. If you need a reminder, refer back to the first paragraph where I stated that I needed to rummage through iPhoto to find pictures. Not my best work, but you get the picture! (Pun intended).

So that’s that. The Rast dressers are definitely not the most spacious things. I don’t put my daily clothes in a dresser though, I hang them up. I figured having two smaller dressers was good, though, because that will eliminate my hoarding problem (for now). This way, I can downsize in clothing like I should. I have plenty of other storage options, too, if need be. Such as the floor of my closet…

Moving on,

2. Get rid of the couch and add a different seating arrangement in my room

I’m not sure if I’ve ever posted about the aqua monstrosity that has been in my room for a year or two now. I’ll refresh your memories, anyways. It’s just a floral love seat that my mom’s friend was giving away and I decided to take it off her hands. The pattern was pretty ugly, so I ordered a cute aqua slipcover from Target for it. I loved the color at the time, but it’s almost like taste aversion. I started to hate that color even more. Because of all of the aqua I used to have in my room, I kind of despise large amounts of aqua blue now. It’s kind of sad..

So, here’s what big blue looked like:


You can even get a glimpse of the bad colored dressers there, too. Look how nasty that looks, especially together! One thing I hated about the love seat and it’s slip cover is, after I washed it the first time, I could never get it to fit right again. So, now it just looks messy and it brings that vibe onto the rest of my room. But seriously, I had to live with those two colors together for at least a month. I’m so glad that’s over!

After countless talks with my parents about where the love seat would go, I finally got them to let me throw it into the basement until I can move it up to my apartment at school for next year. Bingo! After the puzzle that was getting it downstairs with my boyfriend, I finally had a clean slate in my room to add a different seating arrangement. Out with the old, and in with the new (and smaller)!

Naturally, I went back to Ikea to find something cheap and cute to fill that seating void in my life. I found the Tullsta chair for $100. That’s not really in my budget, but after endlessly searching online, that was the cheapest I could find brand new. I went for it. I knew I also wanted a little table to sit next to it for looks and use and I’ve always wanted a drum stool so, enter drum stool into my life!


You kind of even get a sneak peak at my curtains in this!

Finally! Two things are crossed of the blog post list. I’ll update you with a couple more of those bullet points in another post!