Way Overdue Update

Whoa. One word that describes the amount of projects I have completed since my last post in December! I had a lot of ideas in my last post such as my bedroom, my basement, and my living room. What actually did happen was my bedroom and an office in the basement. The basement upgrade is where I am going to start, because it’s what happened first!

I also wanted to update the blogosphere with my current whereabouts in life. Still in college, of course, at the back stretch of my third year! Woohoo, I could not be more excited to get this year over with and for the summer to start! I started sewing more often because I got a sewing machine for Christmas! I wouldn’t say I’m a pro, but I do have something pretty awesome to share. Also, I am in the middle of a complete room remodel! I know I shared that I wanted to do my bedroom in my last post, but I had no idea that it would be this drastic when I started. That’s it’s own post, or maybe even a couple though.

So now that you’re caught up to speed on me, let’s get caught up to speed on this office in the basement.

After I wrote that blog post and heard my sister talk about how she needed an office in our house, I decided I would take it upon myself and make her one. How does the basement come in? Well, because, the office is in the basement. The only problem I had to begin with was that our basement was a full service storage facility. We did nothing but keep things we didn’t want to deal with down there, and that made my job even harder!

So, once I COMPLETELY organized the basement and put things into a more organized mess, I could get started on my sisters office. Mind you, she had NO IDEA this was happening, and the big reveal didn’t happen until Christmas! It was great surprising her, I loved it. Keeping it a surprise, though, was not so fun.

I started by choosing what I wanted to use for my sister’s furniture in her office. I chose Ikea, of course, because Im a college girl on a college budget and I cannot afford anything besides Ikea basically, hah! So, I surfed the web on Ikea.com and found some great prospects. I finally settled on these two pieces of furniture:

Image         Image

The desk is the Micke for $59.99 from Ikea, and the shelving unit is the Expedit for $89.99. I bought the desk and my mom contributed by buying the shelving. I also got a pink swivel chair from Ikea as well, but you will see that in the finished product.

After painting the walls over in her portion of the basement a grayish purple, I got started with assembling the furniture.

Enough with words, though, how about some pictures?

This is a progress picture. Of course you can see the painted walls and the desk put together and in place.

ImageAs you can also see from the picture, I moved our little electric fireplace over into the basement because it gets really cold down there in the winter. Also, the shelving is not up yet, I waited until the next day to add this.

You can also see the lamp I bought, from ikea, and the bowl with decorations from ikea, as well as the chair which I mentioned before. Hard progress people, hard progress.

Once the furniture was together, I opted to paint the windows white. They look nasty in this picture to be brutally honest, so you can probably see why I opted to do so. I didn’t paint the woodwork because I actually like the real wood color of it, and I’d have to do the entire basement in that case which I was not feeling.


This is the layout I put on the ground before deciding what I’d do on the wall above the desk. The frames are from..you guessed it, Ikea! The letter is from PB Teen, a Christmas gift from when my sister and I were younger. The crayon creation is something I did a while back and had nowhere to put it. Viola! Instant office art.

I am not a huge fan of pictures in frames on walls, unless they’re black and white. I just feel like it looks messy, I don’t know, I’m weird. So, I found some pretty, girly, scrapbook paper and opted to put that in the frames as well. I did put one small picture of my sister and her boyfriend, and in the big frame I put a black and white picture of my  sister and I that was published in a newspaper when we were younger. Cute!

Here is the finished wall,


You can also see the desk accessories here as well. The candle was something I had at home, the vase with flowers was also something from home, but my mom found the fake flowers somewhere and added them later. My mom also added the ribbon board for my sister to add papers she needs to see up front! The lamp is from IKea, and the two little jars are also an Ikea addition. In here I added tacks and paper clips. The stapler and post-its are from Staples. The agenda you see there is mine, and I bought a little stand from The Dollar Store. I put that there so she could see what I would use it for, she put’s hers there now!

Now, for the full office,


I added the Keurig coffee maker there last minute! You can also see a little bit of the shelves, but here’s a closer look,


I got her some magazine files for added storage as well as the boxes on the bottom for the same thing. My mom added the baskets for hidden storage. I left one square open for anything she wanted to add herself!

On the top is a little Christmas decoration, because it was Christmas when I showed her! Also, I added her college graduation pictures on top of the Expedit to showcase her hard work!


Over in the corner area I added these curtains to separate her from that side of the basement. The pink also accents the chair nicely! Plus, now there’s something else behind that curtain that I will share in a later post.

Here’s the full office,


You can see the painted windows that look MUCH better than the original color. So, there it is! My first project of winter break (even though it’s now spring semester). Oh, and it got rave reviews from everyone. My sister LOVED it when she saw it, and she still loves it now that she’s using it! She turns the TV around while she’s working, but don’t tell her company that!

More to come!




Projects, Projects, Projects

I often find myself daydreaming in class about what projects I want to do when I get home for Christmas break, how much money I want to spend, what colors I want to use. There’s so may opportunities! Not to mention, class is over before I know it.

I have made goals in the past and not met them because of time restrictions. Now, though, I have 6 weeks at home with (hopefully) a part time job and everyone else at their full time jobs, and lots of free time. Hopefully enough time to do the following projects..

1. Bedroom. Oh, as usual, I am dreaming up what I want my bedroom to look like. A couple of weeks ago, I made a floor plan after looking up some products that I would like to add to my room. I know one thing, my furniture is out dated. My solution to this? If you have read my other posts, you can definitely guess…Ikea! The Ikea Rast dresser will be perfect for me. I would like two, and I would like them to go on either side of my bed as side tables and as dressers. There are three drawers in each which will add up to six drawers with two. Six is what I have no on my dresser, so I will be fine int he storage department. I need to clean some stuff out anyways. Of course, the Rast dressers will have to be painted and designed past their ugly wood color now. I haven’t decided just what color and what design I want to use yet, but that will be a post in the future. Here’s my floor plan, courtesy BHG.com.


The chairs are a little iffy, but if I find some wooden dining chairs to reupholster, I would put them there. As you can see, the Rast dressers on either side of the bed. Across from the bed, I would like to get a shelving unit that can house books and decor as well as my TV. That is undecided, though, and will probably be a paintable piece from Ikea when I decide. Any suggestions?


2. Basement. Kind of like me and my closet, my family and I have this problem where we clean the (finished) basement numerous times where it looks organized and livable, and then about a month later there is endless clutter enough to leave minimal room for walking. It’s a never ending cycle, really. I told my Mom that I would make it one of my projects to organize and clean the basement for/with her. She doesn’t want to put much money into it as we don’t use it much, but I think I can use what we have and think some things up, even if I do spend a little money. I think if it did look nice and organized, we would use it!

3. Living Room. We have a nice cozy living room, especially after we rearranged it and decorated for Christmas this past Friday. Our side tables and coffee table are outdated, though. I told my mom, with her approval, that I would stain the tops of the side tables and paint the bottoms a off-white color. Also, I plan to add some new hardware. I just took a quick shot now to show you, don’t mind the clutter.

Update-worthy I’d say.

That’s it, for now, I think! Let’s see if I can have all of this done by January 22, when school starts up again.

Stay tuned, next week I should have a project posted!

Hope Thanksgiving was good!



Home Sweet Homemade

As we all know, this weekend is Veteran’s Day and most of us get Monday off. Well, most schools, anyways. Mine being one of them, I came home for the long weekend to spend time with my family and to celebrate my Mom’s birthday on Friday! We had a lot of fun, we went to dinner then came back for cake. There’s never a night without laughter in my family. Whether it’s at the expense of one of us or someone else, we are always laughing. Of course, it usually starts with bickering, but we love each other anyways.

For my Mom’s birthday gift, I decided I wanted to go the homemade route. Something that she would buy at a store but that I could make and it would look almost the same.

I got both of my ideas from my all time favorite bloggers, John and Sherry Petersik. They just came out with a book called Young House Love that showcases 243 different DIY crafts/ideas. Find their blog at http://www.younghouselove.com.  I used one of their ideas in full, and with the other gift I put two of the ideas together.

I made an art piece first. Just a piece of fabric, some batting, and some wood to make a canvas-type decoration that can go on a wall. Here are the materials I used:


Pretend the wood glue isn’t there. When I went to open it, it was all dried up at the top and It was not budging. I used rubber cement instead. I didn’t have to use anything on the wood, as you can tell they just slide into place. I just did it for peace of mind.

First, I put the pieces of wood together

Then, I cut batting and stapled it onto the backside of the wood. Make sure you leave at least three inches of batting on the outer edges so you have enough to staple all around. Pull tight! Also, fold the corners like you would a present so they all have the same amount of cushion.

This probably took about 10 minutes. Now, cut the fabric the same way as the batting, leaving about 3 inches on the outer edges. Staple, and done!

This is the finished product. I really love the pattern here, especially for a summer-y, cottage-y room. I have some leftover fabric (I used an 18″ x 20″ frame, and got a yard of fabric) so I plan to make a small pillow out of it. That way, the art piece can hang in my Mom’s bedroom and she can have a pillow to match as well! Color coordination rocks!

Wood: Michaels

Batting: Michaels

Fabric: Joann Fabrics

The next project was a little bit more sentimental. My parents just bought a vacation home in South Carolina, and they are really excited about it (as am I). I saw a project in YHL that included cutting out a state’s outline with scrapbook paper and framing it. That way, you have an outline of your state on pretty paper and it makes for a cute and simple piece on the wall! Also in the book and on the blog was the idea of framing a key. One that may be important to you, or an old antique one that can be put up just for show. See where I’m going here? I cut out the state of South Carolina onto some cute scrapbook paper, got a copy of the house key, and framed it! Here’s how it went:

Printed out an outline of the state.

And…oops! I was so concentrated on doing the project that I forgot to take pictures of the process. You get the idea, though, it really is quite simple.

So, right to the finished product. (You don’t have time for all that jibber jabber anyways..)

Worst picture ever, I know. My computer is giving me a hard time. I will try and post a better one later! Underneath the state is a white place card bordered with the scrap book paper. I whited out that part because it’s the address and, well, that’s self explanatory.

The shadowbox frame I had, so that was free. The scrap book paper is from Michaels, the key was made at Home Depot for about 1.99, and I used rubber cement which I also got at Michaels. Such a cheap weekend! I probably spent about 25 dollars for everything!

So, there are my i’m-a-college-kid-and-poor homemade gifts! Hope you guys like. I love the key one the most because it is like having a slice of our vacation home here in our home state.

I cannot wait to try out more ideas from John and Sherry’s book, Young House Love. Go to their blog, like, yesterday. It is my bible now. Seriously, go now!

Hope your Veteran’s Day weekends are going good. A special thank you to all of our Veteran’s out there.




The year Columbus sailed the ocean blue may be the amount of times I have rearranged and redecorated my bedroom at home.

Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but it’s not too far fetched.

As I lay in bed with my Will and Grace season 4 DVD playing in the background, I decided I would write a quick post on my most recent project. Can you guess what it was?

I redecorated my room. Like the smart, intelligent gal I am, I forgot to take before pictures. How selfish of me to start a project without thinking of my blog and it’s needs! Anyways, I figured I can muster up some pictures that weren’t taken for the purpose of a before picture, but that catch a glimpse of my furniture and room and give you an idea of what I did differently.

This is an awkward “selfie,” but it is an idea of what my bureau mirror, and the shelving in the back used to look like…

To break it apart, we have the mirror which is framed with wood and has an arch to it. The big TV in the back now resides in my apartment, so I have a small TV right now and my cable is disconnected because I needed one of the parts for my apartment room (hence the Will and Grace DVD playing).

The shelves were decorated with the ongoing color in my room of aqua blue. In the big square shelf I have my blue kate spade wallet, and the top right holds a polaroid camera. I have a shadow box with a kate spade envelope in it (obsessed, much?) and I believe the other small box shelf holds my Michael Kors wristlet. I figured showcasing my wallets would be a great way to store them and show them off, especially the pretty color in the blue.

I went for something different. I had aspirations to completely revamp my side table and bureau, and paint them and add new hardware. When I found out they were laminate, I decide that was more of a project than the weekend allowed me to accomplish. So, instead, I took off the mirror and put an old one that was sitting in my basement leaning up against the wall. This, you can see here

I added a brown bin next to the mirror to house my cosmetics, dangled a towel over for use, and placed my mom’s old jewelry holder that I now use in front. I love the pop of color my kate spade cosmetic case provides in front of the mirror. I then added a vase with one single peacock feather in front of the mirror. I love the reflection it provides. There’s also a little Victoria’s Secret leopard dog next to the bin for fun.

As you can see, the bureau isn’t the prettiest. My plans were to paint it a grey-ish color and change the hardware of course. I also wanted to take the top two drawers out, but a piece of wood as a platform and insert baskets instead for a clean, cottage-y look. I still plan on doing this, so stay tuned!

I also redecorated the shelving.

I put books in the big shelf both vertically and horizontally. Some have the covers off, and some are paperback. Can I tell a little secret? Definitely didn’t read all of those..

Moving on to the lamp I debuted in one of my posts in the summer. This was supposed to be put in my apartment room, but the haul in my car was more of an annoyance, and I needed it for my home bedroom anyways. I love it in here!

Mr. Owl was brought home this weekend from Home Goods along with the orange sticks coming out of his head. I love orange for the fall, don’t you? The pink ‘BEACH’ sign has been in my family for a while, and I love the look of it. I then have a silver “S” to represent my first name, as well as a class jar of sand from South Beach Miami, Florida in the other shelf. I don’t love that, but I needed a place for the jar and something to fill that square, so I decided the two can be partners for now.

The old radio was my late Grandfathers. I love it because it reminds me of him, whom I miss so dearly. Whenever I play it I feel his presence, and It reminds me of him so much. It also makes for a great, vintage decoration. It definitely still gets used, though. Thank you Papa 🙂

To the left on the wall, in the vertical picture frame, is actually tissue paper that was put in with my kate spade cosmetic case I bought this weekend. It is a gold and white striped tissue paper. In that frame before was pictures from about 2006, and as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t LOVE the look of hanging pictures on the wall. So, this is a great alternative. It’s colorful yet subtle and that’s why I went with it.

Psst. Don’t mind the wires, I kind of shoved them back there as I don’t really need them right now. I guess I gotta give it a little more oomf next time…

Hope you liked the subtle update I made to my room this weekend! I can’t wait until I can do some furniture revamping. *Note to self : remember BEFORE pictures! Duh!

I hope everyone had a great Columbus Day weekend, and were lucky enough to have the day off today, too!




Cheap & Fast: everything you don’t want a date to be…

……but for a room..that sounds great! Sign me up!

This morning I was talking to a friend, and she shares a room at home with her sister. She’s 21 and basically over it. She wants her own space to call her’s, a place she can go to and get away from other people. We all need a place like that at home, right? The problem is, she has no means of moving out and there is not an extra room at home for her to move into.

I decided i’d help her out and research some things she could do in order to quickly and inexpensively make some adjustments to her room. All with the help of Ikea (meaning everything I picked out is from Ikea).

This is the mood board I made!

Very simple, very easy. She already has stuff in her room, and if we are going cheap we cannot totally redecorate. One of her problems is she doesn’t have a bed. Only a mattress on the ground.

1. A cheap, $50 bed from Ikea. It comes in the plain wood, but I plan to paint it white. Her comforter is white, which I love.

2. A side table from Ikea. And get this –Its $7.99. Can you believe it? How can you beat that. It has clean edges and it’s the perfect height.

3. The wire and curtain are my solution to separating her and her sister’s “sides” of the room. This attatches to the wall at the top towards the ceiling, and connects to the opposite wall. It comes with clips to attach the curtain. $6.99 Ikea

4. This curtain is very neutral, very simple. I chose this one because she cannot really have a very “loud” curtain, because her sister will be seeing it, too. This allows both girls to be able to contribute whatever colors they want on either side of the room. $12.99 Ikea. We would probably use anywhere from 2-4 panels.

5. That brings the pillows in. The first one is from Joann Fabrics that I plan to find and make for her. She won’t have to pay for this, so I am not adding it into the budget. Anyways- I would not know the price until I buy based on how much material I get. The yellow chevron is also a great pattern. For this one, I will buy it from etsy, and it comes with 2 pillow covers for $13.00.  I just have to buy the inserts, which I can do from Joann.

6. I love this little lamp that can go right on her side table. It brings in a huge amount of color- I love orange. This is only $14.99 from Ikea!

That totals out to about $106 without the pillows, which as I mentioned I am going to do for her as a gift.

I haven’t shown her yet, hopefully she likes! What’s so great is that it’s basically a one stop shop besides the pillows. I’ll post pictures if I end up doing her room over with my ideas.




Ok, so clearly I did not post pictures of my big room challenge reveal. That could maybe, possibley be because it never happened.

So I didn’t have the time and yadda yadda yadda. Of course, I still yearn to change my room at home just for fun. I don’t even live there full time right now, so I can only do these projects when i’m home on weekends. I decided to go more drastic, though.

Despite my desires to paint my room (yet again), I decided I will hold off on that. I am thinking a gray though, and repainting the woodwork white so it really pops. It’s been a while since it’s been painted and the boards are a little chipped from me moving furniture and nicking it.

This time, this weekend, I will up-cycle my current bedroom furniture. The bureau and two end tables will be sanded, painted, and the hardware will be replaced. The color is where I am at a stand still. I hate choosing colors because i’m so indecisive. I think i’d like gray, but what if I paint my room gray in the future and the furniture is gray? Right now my room is a very neutral beige color.

For now, I am going to look in my design books and get some ideas for furniture colors. I don’t like “wood” color at all. It must be black, white, or another color. Unless its a dark wood, maybe.

I do, however, like to mix and match colors. For budget purposes, that’s not something I will be doing this weekend.

If you have any suggestions as to what colors to paint my furniture, do share! I enjoy the feedback when I get it.

I will be sure to include my “before” room and then my “in progress” room. Because, as I’ve said before, my rooms will never be done.



Home Sweet ..new room to decorate

I just love being home, especially in the fall. There is a special type of feeling that comes with the season and leaves its footprint on my home, in my town. It’s so cheery and oh so lovely. Winter swoops in and brings an even more special, cheery feeling to my life. Not to say fall does not do this to other homes, to other towns, but for me, I feel it especially in my little town.

Whenever i’m home I want to rearrange my room. Something I have been doing since I can remember, since at least third grade. Except then, it was every two weeks and I would have to ask my Dad to move the stuff for me because it was too heavy. Now, I feel like the muscles I have were built up from the amount of times I have rearranged my room on my own. I’ve got some serious leg muscles, people. My bureau is one heavy piece of furniture.

This time, though, my recent obsession with interior design and HGTV has inspired me to rearrange in a different, a more special and fun way. With the seasons beautiful feelings and my excitement for “change,” I have decided to present myself with a challenge, and share it with all of you!

I am going to rearrange/remodel my room using only things I can find in my house, but I want it to look almost completely different than it does now. I will give myself as long as B is at the gym, so about an hour and a half to two hours. In this time I will move my furniture around and the pictures on the wall (that have been placed in their exact spots for a couple of years now) and add things from our collection of fall decor from the basement. I want my room to have a new feeling, a new look, a new ambiance.

Right now it is a tad bit empty for my liking. Growing up, I have always had a clutter-y room because I cannot seem stop myself from buying stuff and I cannot get myself to throw things away. Now that I’m at school in a totally different room, my at-home room suffers the consequences and is a little bare, with a few knick knacks sitting on my bureau and no TV.

In my next post, either later tonight or tomorrow, I will include the before and after pictures of my room! I will let you all know what I changed and where my motivation came from. Unfortunately, my decorating books are at school where I have a special place for them, but I will use my own techniques to decide what I think looks best. After all, it is MY room :).


Wish me luck!



Books and Blooming

Look-y here what I received via United States Postal Service today! The third and final book I ordered last week! I decided to order some design books because 1- I am obsessed with interior design, and 2- I needed something to distract me from homework, of course.

The other two books include “Domino: The Book of Decorating” and “Apartment Therapy Presents: Real Homes, Real People, Hundreds of Design Solutions.” So far, I haven’t gotten a chance to really read and look into them all, but after a few quick flip throughs, they seem to be very insightful. I ordered them all off of Amazon, so only spent $40 total.

(Let me just say, as I wrote that last sentence, an Amazon commercial was on. I’m weirded out)

In my Apartment Therapy post I told you all how I absolutely love ApartmentTherapy.com. I recently found a blog amidst searching the inter web naming suggested design books by “Lovely Undergrad.” Apartment Therapy was one of them, and without hesitation I ordered it.

This, to me, is even more freaky than the recent Amazon coincidence that occurred a mere one minute 50 seconds ago. I am currently on track to become an elementary school teacher. My passion, too, is in interior design and in my reality, I will do both. Teach full time and interior design on the side. Maybe one day I will do full time designing, maybe not. Nevertheless, the very first line of the very first paragraph in Mr. Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan’s book reads “In my work as a teacher and interior designer over nearly fifteen years…” WHAT? That, is fate.

That, gave me hope. I always knew my dream was realistic. I can absolutely both teach and decorate homes at the same time. The free time a teacher has grants me that opportunity. To see proof that someone as successful as Gillingham-Ryan did the exact same thing as I aspire to do is so exciting to me, so eye opening, so breath-of-fresh-air-ing. I am so glad I bought that book.

The reason I bought the books was to really broaden my horizons and knowledge in the interior design portion of my passions. I decided as of late that this is something I am completely serious about. I know I am no pro right now, by any means, but I like what I know and have done so far in rooms that I have lived in as well as shared with my family. We recently bought a condo in Myrtle Beach, SC, and I am just dripping with excitement to decorate. A clean slate–my dream. These books will help me with these as well as future rooms I may decorate. They also just plain and simple make me happy.

So, maybe its time you really start to move forward with your passions. Expand your knowledge a little bit this Fall. Even doing something as little as buying a book about said passion. Start pursuing! It’s never too late to get started whether young or old.  So, go! Beginnings are beautiful.



Homegoods Stylescope Quiz!

I tend to find myself in situations where I have been on the computer aimlessly searching the web for about two hours longer than I had intended. It’s a disease! But I am not admitting I need help just yet..

I was on HomeGoods.com hopelessly wishing they had an online catalog when I bumped into the Stylescope Quiz. Here, you can chose from a series of pictures which 5 make you the most happy. After that, the quiz results will tell you what your style is! As someone who likes everything and is trying to find her true identity and “style” in everything, this helps. The results I got made me very happy and I also completely agree with them!

Classic is a word that my Mom has used to describe my clothing style before, so I can definitely see that it would carry on to my design style as well. I love “And a touch farmhouse glam” as well, I really do love farmhouse glam in small doses. How perfect!

The quiz also tells you what exactly your “style” looks like!

They hit the nail on the head, because I really do love this style. Silver and crystal is so beautiful to me. Im such a colorless person, in a good way.

Im obsessed with the color in the background, too. It’s a gray-ish purple-ish mix of beauty that I can definitely see myself using in the future! Timeless.

The quiz results go on to explain what you can buy in order to make your own space reflect your true style.

I may even take the quiz again to see what other styles may come up! I love this stuff, hope you have the time to enjoy, too. Head over to the Stylescope Quiz now!

Happy identifying!



Updated Gallery Wall

I posted my first draft gallery wall in my most recent post debuting the not-so-finished product of my room. I since have updated the wall by adding a few more pieces!

Here’s the picture,

What I added to the mix was four things. The bottom right is a homemade jewelry holder. My roommate made it. It has the netting behind it which was stapled into the frame, which was painted white. I used it to hang earrings as I can’t put nails into my wall and the necklaces would be too heavy! Yay command strips!

I also made the two top canvas pieces with the chevron patterns. The left one, although looks black, is a dark brown, and the right one is obviously orange. I love orange right now, and I knew i wanted to corporate it somehow in my piece. The pieces aren’t perfect by any means. I had do them by hand, but at first glance they look perfect anyways! I love handmade, homemade things anyways, so having a few imperfections reminds us that they aren’t bought from a store and made by a machine.

The frame in the middle I found in the mix of my old dorm room things. I ripped a page from an inspirational book out and placed it in the frame. I love the way the different angles of the frames and canvas correspond with each other. Before buying frames, you really do not have to decide which angles and sizes you need. Buy what you want, and take things from other places to incorporate them as well. It will turn out unique and different, you don’t need to have all the same size/shape stuff!

As I said before in my previous post, I don’t love the look of hanging colored pictures on a wall. This is why I chose to print my photos in black and white. That allows for me to bring in other ways to pop some color out. I did this with the “Keep Calm and Carry On” print, as well as my chevron patterns.

My Dollar Store Chalkboard can feature anything I so choose. I decided to write the  current month in a squished font. I may do this for October and the other months, as well. I will decide when the time comes, and share what I choose to put!

There it is! As I mentioned in previous posts, I don’t believe my room will ever be done. Just for now..:)