I Forgot What You Looked Like

Holy crap. It’s been what seems like a million years since I’ve written on this blog. Regarding my title, I actually still haven’t seen what my blog looks like because I went right to write this post. Hopefully it’s not heinous and ugly because I seriously do forget.

My inspiration to write another post was because I took a quiz on BuzzFeed that tells you “What Career Should You Actually Have?” I’m following along after reading Young House Love‘s life blog post about their quiz results.

Of course, I know that I shouldn’t now base my entire life off of this quiz but It is so incredibly accurate that it makes me want to do cart wheels. This is mainly because lately I’ve been in somewhat of a rut and not doing many things that I love so this quiz sparked a fire in me that I had forgotten I had for a while now!


So, if you’ve ever read my blog (whoever that may be) (Hi, Jen!), then you know this is exactly what I want to do. Aside from being a teacher, that is. Truth is, if I started teaching and did some design work on the side and I got big at the design part, I think I may quit teaching in a heart beat. I’m just pumped up right now, though, so I’m being a little ambitious.

Anyways, aside from this apparent life-changing quiz that I’m taking way too seriously, nothing has been going on really with me. Nothing in a bad way, because I’ve been too consumed in not doing things I love so I feel as though I’ve really been doing nothing. I’m starting to change that, though, because I’m hoping that at school I have more free time to do things I love. Like rehab furniture from Salvation Army or Goodwill, or just parouse Pinterest and other blog sites and get ideas for my bedroom (again).

I will be graduating college this May (cue hyperventilation) and moving back home (cue large sigh of relief). I love being home, and of course the idea of redesigning my bedroom (again) excites me even more. The funny thing is I haven’t even posted about my CURRENT bedroom that I re-designed last summer. LOL. So, I am going to go upstairs to my bedroom and take pictures of it once I publish this post. It’s time I get my act together.

Beware, though, because I am very busy at school this semester! Posting may be few and far in between but I felt like posting today so I did. Easy!

Stay tuned for my bedroom…I promise I’m actually going to go upstairs and take pictures and NOT eat another Oreo for breakfast. Ok..go.



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