Way Overdue Update

Whoa. One word that describes the amount of projects I have completed since my last post in December! I had a lot of ideas in my last post such as my bedroom, my basement, and my living room. What actually did happen was my bedroom and an office in the basement. The basement upgrade is where I am going to start, because it’s what happened first!

I also wanted to update the blogosphere with my current whereabouts in life. Still in college, of course, at the back stretch of my third year! Woohoo, I could not be more excited to get this year over with and for the summer to start! I started sewing more often because I got a sewing machine for Christmas! I wouldn’t say I’m a pro, but I do have something pretty awesome to share. Also, I am in the middle of a complete room remodel! I know I shared that I wanted to do my bedroom in my last post, but I had no idea that it would be this drastic when I started. That’s it’s own post, or maybe even a couple though.

So now that you’re caught up to speed on me, let’s get caught up to speed on this office in the basement.

After I wrote that blog post and heard my sister talk about how she needed an office in our house, I decided I would take it upon myself and make her one. How does the basement come in? Well, because, the office is in the basement. The only problem I had to begin with was that our basement was a full service storage facility. We did nothing but keep things we didn’t want to deal with down there, and that made my job even harder!

So, once I COMPLETELY organized the basement and put things into a more organized mess, I could get started on my sisters office. Mind you, she had NO IDEA this was happening, and the big reveal didn’t happen until Christmas! It was great surprising her, I loved it. Keeping it a surprise, though, was not so fun.

I started by choosing what I wanted to use for my sister’s furniture in her office. I chose Ikea, of course, because Im a college girl on a college budget and I cannot afford anything besides Ikea basically, hah! So, I surfed the web on Ikea.com and found some great prospects. I finally settled on these two pieces of furniture:

Image         Image

The desk is the Micke for $59.99 from Ikea, and the shelving unit is the Expedit for $89.99. I bought the desk and my mom contributed by buying the shelving. I also got a pink swivel chair from Ikea as well, but you will see that in the finished product.

After painting the walls over in her portion of the basement a grayish purple, I got started with assembling the furniture.

Enough with words, though, how about some pictures?

This is a progress picture. Of course you can see the painted walls and the desk put together and in place.

ImageAs you can also see from the picture, I moved our little electric fireplace over into the basement because it gets really cold down there in the winter. Also, the shelving is not up yet, I waited until the next day to add this.

You can also see the lamp I bought, from ikea, and the bowl with decorations from ikea, as well as the chair which I mentioned before. Hard progress people, hard progress.

Once the furniture was together, I opted to paint the windows white. They look nasty in this picture to be brutally honest, so you can probably see why I opted to do so. I didn’t paint the woodwork because I actually like the real wood color of it, and I’d have to do the entire basement in that case which I was not feeling.


This is the layout I put on the ground before deciding what I’d do on the wall above the desk. The frames are from..you guessed it, Ikea! The letter is from PB Teen, a Christmas gift from when my sister and I were younger. The crayon creation is something I did a while back and had nowhere to put it. Viola! Instant office art.

I am not a huge fan of pictures in frames on walls, unless they’re black and white. I just feel like it looks messy, I don’t know, I’m weird. So, I found some pretty, girly, scrapbook paper and opted to put that in the frames as well. I did put one small picture of my sister and her boyfriend, and in the big frame I put a black and white picture of my  sister and I that was published in a newspaper when we were younger. Cute!

Here is the finished wall,


You can also see the desk accessories here as well. The candle was something I had at home, the vase with flowers was also something from home, but my mom found the fake flowers somewhere and added them later. My mom also added the ribbon board for my sister to add papers she needs to see up front! The lamp is from IKea, and the two little jars are also an Ikea addition. In here I added tacks and paper clips. The stapler and post-its are from Staples. The agenda you see there is mine, and I bought a little stand from The Dollar Store. I put that there so she could see what I would use it for, she put’s hers there now!

Now, for the full office,


I added the Keurig coffee maker there last minute! You can also see a little bit of the shelves, but here’s a closer look,


I got her some magazine files for added storage as well as the boxes on the bottom for the same thing. My mom added the baskets for hidden storage. I left one square open for anything she wanted to add herself!

On the top is a little Christmas decoration, because it was Christmas when I showed her! Also, I added her college graduation pictures on top of the Expedit to showcase her hard work!


Over in the corner area I added these curtains to separate her from that side of the basement. The pink also accents the chair nicely! Plus, now there’s something else behind that curtain that I will share in a later post.

Here’s the full office,


You can see the painted windows that look MUCH better than the original color. So, there it is! My first project of winter break (even though it’s now spring semester). Oh, and it got rave reviews from everyone. My sister LOVED it when she saw it, and she still loves it now that she’s using it! She turns the TV around while she’s working, but don’t tell her company that!

More to come!




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