Projects, Projects, Projects

I often find myself daydreaming in class about what projects I want to do when I get home for Christmas break, how much money I want to spend, what colors I want to use. There’s so may opportunities! Not to mention, class is over before I know it.

I have made goals in the past and not met them because of time restrictions. Now, though, I have 6 weeks at home with (hopefully) a part time job and everyone else at their full time jobs, and lots of free time. Hopefully enough time to do the following projects..

1. Bedroom. Oh, as usual, I am dreaming up what I want my bedroom to look like. A couple of weeks ago, I made a floor plan after looking up some products that I would like to add to my room. I know one thing, my furniture is out dated. My solution to this? If you have read my other posts, you can definitely guess…Ikea! The Ikea Rast dresser will be perfect for me. I would like two, and I would like them to go on either side of my bed as side tables and as dressers. There are three drawers in each which will add up to six drawers with two. Six is what I have no on my dresser, so I will be fine int he storage department. I need to clean some stuff out anyways. Of course, the Rast dressers will have to be painted and designed past their ugly wood color now. I haven’t decided just what color and what design I want to use yet, but that will be a post in the future. Here’s my floor plan, courtesy


The chairs are a little iffy, but if I find some wooden dining chairs to reupholster, I would put them there. As you can see, the Rast dressers on either side of the bed. Across from the bed, I would like to get a shelving unit that can house books and decor as well as my TV. That is undecided, though, and will probably be a paintable piece from Ikea when I decide. Any suggestions?


2. Basement. Kind of like me and my closet, my family and I have this problem where we clean the (finished) basement numerous times where it looks organized and livable, and then about a month later there is endless clutter enough to leave minimal room for walking. It’s a never ending cycle, really. I told my Mom that I would make it one of my projects to organize and clean the basement for/with her. She doesn’t want to put much money into it as we don’t use it much, but I think I can use what we have and think some things up, even if I do spend a little money. I think if it did look nice and organized, we would use it!

3. Living Room. We have a nice cozy living room, especially after we rearranged it and decorated for Christmas this past Friday. Our side tables and coffee table are outdated, though. I told my mom, with her approval, that I would stain the tops of the side tables and paint the bottoms a off-white color. Also, I plan to add some new hardware. I just took a quick shot now to show you, don’t mind the clutter.

Update-worthy I’d say.

That’s it, for now, I think! Let’s see if I can have all of this done by January 22, when school starts up again.

Stay tuned, next week I should have a project posted!

Hope Thanksgiving was good!




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