Home Sweet Homemade

As we all know, this weekend is Veteran’s Day and most of us get Monday off. Well, most schools, anyways. Mine being one of them, I came home for the long weekend to spend time with my family and to celebrate my Mom’s birthday on Friday! We had a lot of fun, we went to dinner then came back for cake. There’s never a night without laughter in my family. Whether it’s at the expense of one of us or someone else, we are always laughing. Of course, it usually starts with bickering, but we love each other anyways.

For my Mom’s birthday gift, I decided I wanted to go the homemade route. Something that she would buy at a store but that I could make and it would look almost the same.

I got both of my ideas from my all time favorite bloggers, John and Sherry Petersik. They just came out with a book called Young House Love that showcases 243 different DIY crafts/ideas. Find their blog at http://www.younghouselove.com.  I used one of their ideas in full, and with the other gift I put two of the ideas together.

I made an art piece first. Just a piece of fabric, some batting, and some wood to make a canvas-type decoration that can go on a wall. Here are the materials I used:


Pretend the wood glue isn’t there. When I went to open it, it was all dried up at the top and It was not budging. I used rubber cement instead. I didn’t have to use anything on the wood, as you can tell they just slide into place. I just did it for peace of mind.

First, I put the pieces of wood together

Then, I cut batting and stapled it onto the backside of the wood. Make sure you leave at least three inches of batting on the outer edges so you have enough to staple all around. Pull tight! Also, fold the corners like you would a present so they all have the same amount of cushion.

This probably took about 10 minutes. Now, cut the fabric the same way as the batting, leaving about 3 inches on the outer edges. Staple, and done!

This is the finished product. I really love the pattern here, especially for a summer-y, cottage-y room. I have some leftover fabric (I used an 18″ x 20″ frame, and got a yard of fabric) so I plan to make a small pillow out of it. That way, the art piece can hang in my Mom’s bedroom and she can have a pillow to match as well! Color coordination rocks!

Wood: Michaels

Batting: Michaels

Fabric: Joann Fabrics

The next project was a little bit more sentimental. My parents just bought a vacation home in South Carolina, and they are really excited about it (as am I). I saw a project in YHL that included cutting out a state’s outline with scrapbook paper and framing it. That way, you have an outline of your state on pretty paper and it makes for a cute and simple piece on the wall! Also in the book and on the blog was the idea of framing a key. One that may be important to you, or an old antique one that can be put up just for show. See where I’m going here? I cut out the state of South Carolina onto some cute scrapbook paper, got a copy of the house key, and framed it! Here’s how it went:

Printed out an outline of the state.

And…oops! I was so concentrated on doing the project that I forgot to take pictures of the process. You get the idea, though, it really is quite simple.

So, right to the finished product. (You don’t have time for all that jibber jabber anyways..)

Worst picture ever, I know. My computer is giving me a hard time. I will try and post a better one later! Underneath the state is a white place card bordered with the scrap book paper. I whited out that part because it’s the address and, well, that’s self explanatory.

The shadowbox frame I had, so that was free. The scrap book paper is from Michaels, the key was made at Home Depot for about 1.99, and I used rubber cement which I also got at Michaels. Such a cheap weekend! I probably spent about 25 dollars for everything!

So, there are my i’m-a-college-kid-and-poor homemade gifts! Hope you guys like. I love the key one the most because it is like having a slice of our vacation home here in our home state.

I cannot wait to try out more ideas from John and Sherry’s book, Young House Love. Go to their blog, like, yesterday. It is my bible now. Seriously, go now!

Hope your Veteran’s Day weekends are going good. A special thank you to all of our Veteran’s out there.




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