The year Columbus sailed the ocean blue may be the amount of times I have rearranged and redecorated my bedroom at home.

Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but it’s not too far fetched.

As I lay in bed with my Will and Grace season 4 DVD playing in the background, I decided I would write a quick post on my most recent project. Can you guess what it was?

I redecorated my room. Like the smart, intelligent gal I am, I forgot to take before pictures. How selfish of me to start a project without thinking of my blog and it’s needs! Anyways, I figured I can muster up some pictures that weren’t taken for the purpose of a before picture, but that catch a glimpse of my furniture and room and give you an idea of what I did differently.

This is an awkward “selfie,” but it is an idea of what my bureau mirror, and the shelving in the back used to look like…

To break it apart, we have the mirror which is framed with wood and has an arch to it. The big TV in the back now resides in my apartment, so I have a small TV right now and my cable is disconnected because I needed one of the parts for my apartment room (hence the Will and Grace DVD playing).

The shelves were decorated with the ongoing color in my room of aqua blue. In the big square shelf I have my blue kate spade wallet, and the top right holds a polaroid camera. I have a shadow box with a kate spade envelope in it (obsessed, much?) and I believe the other small box shelf holds my Michael Kors wristlet. I figured showcasing my wallets would be a great way to store them and show them off, especially the pretty color in the blue.

I went for something different. I had aspirations to completely revamp my side table and bureau, and paint them and add new hardware. When I found out they were laminate, I decide that was more of a project than the weekend allowed me to accomplish. So, instead, I took off the mirror and put an old one that was sitting in my basement leaning up against the wall. This, you can see here

I added a brown bin next to the mirror to house my cosmetics, dangled a towel over for use, and placed my mom’s old jewelry holder that I now use in front. I love the pop of color my kate spade cosmetic case provides in front of the mirror. I then added a vase with one single peacock feather in front of the mirror. I love the reflection it provides. There’s also a little Victoria’s Secret leopard dog next to the bin for fun.

As you can see, the bureau isn’t the prettiest. My plans were to paint it a grey-ish color and change the hardware of course. I also wanted to take the top two drawers out, but a piece of wood as a platform and insert baskets instead for a clean, cottage-y look. I still plan on doing this, so stay tuned!

I also redecorated the shelving.

I put books in the big shelf both vertically and horizontally. Some have the covers off, and some are paperback. Can I tell a little secret? Definitely didn’t read all of those..

Moving on to the lamp I debuted in one of my posts in the summer. This was supposed to be put in my apartment room, but the haul in my car was more of an annoyance, and I needed it for my home bedroom anyways. I love it in here!

Mr. Owl was brought home this weekend from Home Goods along with the orange sticks coming out of his head. I love orange for the fall, don’t you? The pink ‘BEACH’ sign has been in my family for a while, and I love the look of it. I then have a silver “S” to represent my first name, as well as a class jar of sand from South Beach Miami, Florida in the other shelf. I don’t love that, but I needed a place for the jar and something to fill that square, so I decided the two can be partners for now.

The old radio was my late Grandfathers. I love it because it reminds me of him, whom I miss so dearly. Whenever I play it I feel his presence, and It reminds me of him so much. It also makes for a great, vintage decoration. It definitely still gets used, though. Thank you Papa šŸ™‚

To the left on the wall, in the vertical picture frame, is actually tissue paper that was put in with my kate spade cosmetic case I bought this weekend. It is a gold and white striped tissue paper. In that frame before was pictures from about 2006, and as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t LOVE the look of hanging pictures on the wall. So, this is a great alternative. It’s colorful yet subtle and that’s why I went with it.

Psst. Don’t mind the wires, I kind of shoved them back there as I don’t really need them right now. I guess I gotta give it a little more oomf next time…

Hope you liked the subtle update I made to my room this weekend! I can’t wait until I can do some furniture revamping. *Note to self : remember BEFORE pictures! Duh!

I hope everyone had a great Columbus Day weekend, and were lucky enough to have the day off today, too!





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