Cheap & Fast: everything you don’t want a date to be…

……but for a room..that sounds great! Sign me up!

This morning I was talking to a friend, and she shares a room at home with her sister. She’s 21 and basically over it. She wants her own space to call her’s, a place she can go to and get away from other people. We all need a place like that at home, right? The problem is, she has no means of moving out and there is not an extra room at home for her to move into.

I decided i’d help her out and research some things she could do in order to quickly and inexpensively make some adjustments to her room. All with the help of Ikea (meaning everything I picked out is from Ikea).

This is the mood board I made!

Very simple, very easy. She already has stuff in her room, and if we are going cheap we cannot totally redecorate. One of her problems is she doesn’t have a bed. Only a mattress on the ground.

1. A cheap, $50 bed from Ikea. It comes in the plain wood, but I plan to paint it white. Her comforter is white, which I love.

2. A side table from Ikea. And get this –Its $7.99. Can you believe it? How can you beat that. It has clean edges and it’s the perfect height.

3. The wire and curtain are my solution to separating her and her sister’s “sides” of the room. This attatches to the wall at the top towards the ceiling, and connects to the opposite wall. It comes with clips to attach the curtain. $6.99 Ikea

4. This curtain is very neutral, very simple. I chose this one because she cannot really have a very “loud” curtain, because her sister will be seeing it, too. This allows both girls to be able to contribute whatever colors they want on either side of the room. $12.99 Ikea. We would probably use anywhere from 2-4 panels.

5. That brings the pillows in. The first one is from Joann Fabrics that I plan to find and make for her. She won’t have to pay for this, so I am not adding it into the budget. Anyways- I would not know the price until I buy based on how much material I get. The yellow chevron is also a great pattern. For this one, I will buy it from etsy, and it comes with 2 pillow covers for $13.00.  I just have to buy the inserts, which I can do from Joann.

6. I love this little lamp that can go right on her side table. It brings in a huge amount of color- I love orange. This is only $14.99 from Ikea!

That totals out to about $106 without the pillows, which as I mentioned I am going to do for her as a gift.

I haven’t shown her yet, hopefully she likes! What’s so great is that it’s basically a one stop shop besides the pillows. I’ll post pictures if I end up doing her room over with my ideas.




4 thoughts on “Cheap & Fast: everything you don’t want a date to be…

  1. That title made me laugh out loud. I love your ideas and can’t wait to see pictures of the finished project. Sometimes designing on a dime ends up being a lot of fun because of the challenge and creativity involved.

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