Ok, so clearly I did not post pictures of my big room challenge reveal. That could maybe, possibley be because it never happened.

So I didn’t have the time and yadda yadda yadda. Of course, I still yearn to change my room at home just for fun. I don’t even live there full time right now, so I can only do these projects when i’m home on weekends. I decided to go more drastic, though.

Despite my desires to paint my room (yet again), I decided I will hold off on that. I am thinking a gray though, and repainting the woodwork white so it really pops. It’s been a while since it’s been painted and the boards are a little chipped from me moving furniture and nicking it.

This time, this weekend, I will up-cycle my current bedroom furniture. The bureau and two end tables will be sanded, painted, and the hardware will be replaced. The color is where I am at a stand still. I hate choosing colors because i’m so indecisive. I think i’d like gray, but what if I paint my room gray in the future and the furniture is gray? Right now my room is a very neutral beige color.

For now, I am going to look in my design books and get some ideas for furniture colors. I don’t like “wood” color at all. It must be black, white, or another color. Unless its a dark wood, maybe.

I do, however, like to mix and match colors. For budget purposes, that’s not something I will be doing this weekend.

If you have any suggestions as to what colors to paint my furniture, do share! I enjoy the feedback when I get it.

I will be sure to include my “before” room and then my “in progress” room. Because, as I’ve said before, my rooms will never be done.




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