Home Sweet ..new room to decorate

I just love being home, especially in the fall. There is a special type of feeling that comes with the season and leaves its footprint on my home, in my town. It’s so cheery and oh so lovely. Winter swoops in and brings an even more special, cheery feeling to my life. Not to say fall does not do this to other homes, to other towns, but for me, I feel it especially in my little town.

Whenever i’m home I want to rearrange my room. Something I have been doing since I can remember, since at least third grade. Except then, it was every two weeks and I would have to ask my Dad to move the stuff for me because it was too heavy. Now, I feel like the muscles I have were built up from the amount of times I have rearranged my room on my own. I’ve got some serious leg muscles, people. My bureau is one heavy piece of furniture.

This time, though, my recent obsession with interior design and HGTV has inspired me to rearrange in a different, a more special and fun way. With the seasons beautiful feelings and my excitement for “change,” I have decided to present myself with a challenge, and share it with all of you!

I am going to rearrange/remodel my room using only things I can find in my house, but I want it to look almost completely different than it does now. I will give myself as long as B is at the gym, so about an hour and a half to two hours. In this time I will move my furniture around and the pictures on the wall (that have been placed in their exact spots for a couple of years now) and add things from our collection of fall decor from the basement. I want my room to have a new feeling, a new look, a new ambiance.

Right now it is a tad bit empty for my liking. Growing up, I have always had a clutter-y room because I cannot seem stop myself from buying stuff and I cannot get myself to throw things away. Now that I’m at school in a totally different room, my at-home room suffers the consequences and is a little bare, with a few knick knacks sitting on my bureau and no TV.

In my next post, either later tonight or tomorrow, I will include the before and after pictures of my room! I will let you all know what I changed and where my motivation came from. Unfortunately, my decorating books are at school where I have a special place for them, but I will use my own techniques to decide what I think looks best. After all, it is MY room :).


Wish me luck!




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