Books and Blooming

Look-y here what I received via United States Postal Service today! The third and final book I ordered last week! I decided to order some design books because 1- I am obsessed with interior design, and 2- I needed something to distract me from homework, of course.

The other two books include “Domino: The Book of Decorating” and “Apartment Therapy Presents: Real Homes, Real People, Hundreds of Design Solutions.” So far, I haven’t gotten a chance to really read and look into them all, but after a few quick flip throughs, they seem to be very insightful. I ordered them all off of Amazon, so only spent $40 total.

(Let me just say, as I wrote that last sentence, an Amazon commercial was on. I’m weirded out)

In my Apartment Therapy post I told you all how I absolutely love I recently found a blog amidst searching the inter web naming suggested design books by “Lovely Undergrad.” Apartment Therapy was one of them, and without hesitation I ordered it.

This, to me, is even more freaky than the recent Amazon coincidence that occurred a mere one minute 50 seconds ago. I am currently on track to become an elementary school teacher. My passion, too, is in interior design and in my reality, I will do both. Teach full time and interior design on the side. Maybe one day I will do full time designing, maybe not. Nevertheless, the very first line of the very first paragraph in Mr. Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan’s book reads “In my work as a teacher and interior designer over nearly fifteen years…” WHAT? That, is fate.

That, gave me hope. I always knew my dream was realistic. I can absolutely both teach and decorate homes at the same time. The free time a teacher has grants me that opportunity. To see proof that someone as successful as Gillingham-Ryan did the exact same thing as I aspire to do is so exciting to me, so eye opening, so breath-of-fresh-air-ing. I am so glad I bought that book.

The reason I bought the books was to really broaden my horizons and knowledge in the interior design portion of my passions. I decided as of late that this is something I am completely serious about. I know I am no pro right now, by any means, but I like what I know and have done so far in rooms that I have lived in as well as shared with my family. We recently bought a condo in Myrtle Beach, SC, and I am just dripping with excitement to decorate. A clean slate–my dream. These books will help me with these as well as future rooms I may decorate. They also just plain and simple make me happy.

So, maybe its time you really start to move forward with your passions. Expand your knowledge a little bit this Fall. Even doing something as little as buying a book about said passion. Start pursuing! It’s never too late to get started whether young or old.  So, go! Beginnings are beautiful.




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