Updated Gallery Wall

I posted my first draft gallery wall in my most recent post debuting the not-so-finished product of my room. I since have updated the wall by adding a few more pieces!

Here’s the picture,

What I added to the mix was four things. The bottom right is a homemade jewelry holder. My roommate made it. It has the netting behind it which was stapled into the frame, which was painted white. I used it to hang earrings as I can’t put nails into my wall and the necklaces would be too heavy! Yay command strips!

I also made the two top canvas pieces with the chevron patterns. The left one, although looks black, is a dark brown, and the right one is obviously orange. I love orange right now, and I knew i wanted to corporate it somehow in my piece. The pieces aren’t perfect by any means. I had do them by hand, but at first glance they look perfect anyways! I love handmade, homemade things anyways, so having a few imperfections reminds us that they aren’t bought from a store and made by a machine.

The frame in the middle I found in the mix of my old dorm room things. I ripped a page from an inspirational book out and placed it in the frame. I love the way the different angles of the frames and canvas correspond with each other. Before buying frames, you really do not have to decide which angles and sizes you need. Buy what you want, and take things from other places to incorporate them as well. It will turn out unique and different, you don’t need to have all the same size/shape stuff!

As I said before in my previous post, I don’t love the look of hanging colored pictures on a wall. This is why I chose to print my photos in black and white. That allows for me to bring in other ways to pop some color out. I did this with the “Keep Calm and Carry On” print, as well as my chevron patterns.

My Dollar Store Chalkboard can feature anything I so choose. I decided to write the  current month in a squished font. I may do this for October and the other months, as well. I will decide when the time comes, and share what I choose to put!

There it is! As I mentioned in previous posts, I don’t believe my room will ever be done. Just for now..:)




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