Homegoods Stylescope Quiz!

I tend to find myself in situations where I have been on the computer aimlessly searching the web for about two hours longer than I had intended. It’s a disease! But I am not admitting I need help just yet..

I was on hopelessly wishing they had an online catalog when I bumped into the Stylescope Quiz. Here, you can chose from a series of pictures which 5 make you the most happy. After that, the quiz results will tell you what your style is! As someone who likes everything and is trying to find her true identity and “style” in everything, this helps. The results I got made me very happy and I also completely agree with them!

Classic is a word that my Mom has used to describe my clothing style before, so I can definitely see that it would carry on to my design style as well. I love “And a touch farmhouse glam” as well, I really do love farmhouse glam in small doses. How perfect!

The quiz also tells you what exactly your “style” looks like!

They hit the nail on the head, because I really do love this style. Silver and crystal is so beautiful to me. Im such a colorless person, in a good way.

Im obsessed with the color in the background, too. It’s a gray-ish purple-ish mix of beauty that I can definitely see myself using in the future! Timeless.

The quiz results go on to explain what you can buy in order to make your own space reflect your true style.

I may even take the quiz again to see what other styles may come up! I love this stuff, hope you have the time to enjoy, too. Head over to the Stylescope Quiz now!

Happy identifying!




3 thoughts on “Homegoods Stylescope Quiz!

  1. I love stuff like this! Heading over to take it now. And I think that HomeGoods is like TJMaxx, so it can’t have an online inventory because it gets whatever is leftover from companies, and also it depends on each store’s location.

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