Growing up- My new Apartment!

Finally! I have been waiting to post pictures of my bedroom in my new apartment for weeks now. It is finally here, although a little late according to the countdown I posted a few weeks ago. Better late than never, right!?

Before you see the pictures, you should know that I do not consider my room done by any means. Even when it is “done,” it will never be done. I love looking in the home section of stores like Target and TJ Maxx and there is no doubt that I will buy something each time, even if I don’t need it. My philosophy is that I’ll just find a place for it! I’m kind of more comfortable in clutter anyway.

First, here is my least favorite wall thus far…


The apartment is pretty old, so the walls are kind of choppy. My mom and I spent an entire day scrubbing the walls and footboards so it feels and looks clean! The string with polaroids/pictures will fill up as I take pictures of worthy moments. They are hung by paper clips and paper clamps.

My other not-so-favorite, not-even-close-to-done wall is this..

   It’s not horrible, it’s just so bland. I cannot wait to get some more frames. As you can see in the bottom left of the organizer, I have a framed photo of the ladies from Sex And The City, one of my favorite shows. I’d like to get a couple more pictures that size, maybe three, two black frames and one white. Not sure what pictures i’d do, but I think it’d look pretty above the TV station!

This next picture is my favorite part, other than my bed. I just worked on this today. It is not finished, I plan to add on many more frames and pictures to the wall, but I love the way it is looking now, too.


The gallery wall! I’ve been waiting to do this for some time now. I’ve had the frames forever! I did all black and white pictures. I don’t really like the look of hanging pictures on walls, so making them black and white makes them blend in. It looks cheesy to me. You can always get the pop of color out of the frame!

Last but not least, the entire room. Here is where everything came together. My painted white furniture, my gallery wall, my DIY Pillows. I love it!


There it is! Post comments, i’d love to see what you guys think! And if you have any questions about where products are from, i’ll be happy to share!








2 thoughts on “Growing up- My new Apartment!

  1. Good job! Glad you worked with items you had. You shouldn’t spend lots on furnishings being young because your taste will evolve. This looks clean, orderly and
    we see your style and energy.

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