Shopping favorites

So I figured I’d broaden my horizons and post a little bit about fashion. I like to shop, but I MUST be in the mood. Something about annoying shoppers getting in my way and pissing me of always keeps me at home shopping from behind the computer screen. I guess that’s what working in retail will do to you..Anyways! Two of my favorites that i’d like to share are kate spade and LOFT. These are my favorite brands right now.

I visit the kate spade website at least once a week to check out new arrivals and some of their sale items, even if I don’t necessarily “need” a new bag. Their bags are so “me,” though, so it’s hard to switch brands! They have the cutest and most vibrant colors in the summer. I have both an aqua blue wallet and a red wallet. The aqua blue is absolutely perfect for summer, and I break out the red in the cooler months. They also have really cute jewelry and accessories. The clothing is also to die for, but a little too expensive for me.

That’s where LOFT comes in. I get an email from LOFT at least once a day- and not in a bad way. Every email is notification of a sale. Whether it’s 20% off everything, 40% off new arrivals, or 50% off already marked down items (just some examples), they’ve got a sale every day. Their clothes are so sophisticated and chic. Once i’m out of college and and need some big girl business clothes, I will be going to LOFT even more than I do now. They’ve got some great work attire as well as your everyday capris in a funky pattern or color. I’ll be going to LOFT tomorrow to grab some back to school things. I’ll probably stop by Forever21 and H&M too to see if I can find some pretty steals.

I am a frugile person, so I do not buy clothes often. When I do, though, its usually in bulk, which can be a bad thing. That’s why I always look for good deals when I’m shopping, otherwise i’ll be spending a fortune and I just cant bring myself to do that on clothes! I do LOVE fashion, but i find myself mix and matching different outfits and making out fine with that! And it saves me more money to do other things i’m more interested in, such as buy new room accessories or start a new DIY project.

If you haven’t lately, go ahead and check out They won’t disappoint. If you have an outlet near you,  definitely pay them a visit as well.

If you don’t already belong to the LOFT email list, definitely sign up. Even if you don’t shop there now, getting some sale emails may give you that push to get off the computer and treat yourself.

Happy shopping!




PS: Who wouldn’t love receiving THIS every once in a while?


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