Upcycled Chairs

One major problem I think a lot of us have is seeing the potential in something you think is straight up fugly. After doing a few projects of my own, and watching countless hours of the Nate Berkus show, my insight is broading and I am able to see what could just happen with a few strokes of a paint brush and some new hardware. We have had this two seater chair for a couple of years now. It was an old, aged wooded chair that just looked ugly to me. Some may like the look of the old wood, I just think it looks dirty.

See what I mean? UGLY! With just a fresh coat of Martha Stewart paint, we got this

Amazing right! This Martha Stewart exterior paint is beautiful. Because of this, I have been looking at her samples whenever I need to paint something. She truly has some of the most beautiful colors out there, so subtle and warm, and so cozy.

I had to sand the chair first to make sure it was a smooth surface to paint. This will have to happen with most furniture you will want to paint as they have their own original textures which make it tough for the paint to stick to. Look out for this when painting over furniture!

Here is what it looks like now by our pool. We bought the pretty turquoise umbrella from Target!

Doesn’t this look great? This could be a $200 chair somewhere else, but for me it only cost about $40-$50. I don’t know the logistics as I wasn’t planning on posting this!

Happy DIY!




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