Fall- My favorite season

The leaves aren’t changing just yet, but it’s time for school to start once again and that always brings fall feelings. One of my favorite things about the fall season is the smell. Does anybody else notice how cheery and beautiful the smell is? It’s a certain smell that can only be experienced during the fall, at its peak in mid October.

As a kid, the fall always meant starting up school again and starting Pop Warner cheerleading. Of course, and Halloween. It was such an exciting time. Then, though, I don’t think I truly understood the magic of the fall.

Now, me being an old and sophisticated (hah!),  I notice different things about the fall. Yes, school is still starting as I’m entering my junior year in college, but I have discovered much deeper things about fall. As I mentioned earlier, the smell. And by golly, the colors. Ya, ya, I noticed the colors as a kid but really, truly did I notice them? Probably not. They are breathtakingly beautiful. Like nothing I have ever seen, and you really have to be quick and smart about seeing the colorful red and orange leaves in their peak time. I’m not exactly sure when that is, but I will be sure to let the secret out once I find it.

Some may think i’m coming in a little premature with the talk of the fall. But time moves fast, people! Quiet honestly, i’m over Summer. It’s nice to have a few months off from school, but it’s just so hot that I want it to be over already!

Hopefully if I can nail down the peak leaf changing time frame I can get some really good shots of the beautiful colors. For the time being, I’ll show you a couple pictures I got last year..



The pictures are enhanced to show the colors more bright, but those are the natural colors.

Beautiful, right?

Happy early fall!




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