Blah to Beautiful in just a couple hours!

A couple weeks ago, while moving a few (more) things into my apartment with my boyfriend, we decided I needed another lighting fixture, a floor lamp. I figured I could find something cute at target, maybe get a white lamp shade and do something “cool” with it. Well, I did the latter, but not with a new lamp! I forgot I had this one standing in my basement doing nothing! It was perfect for what I wanted to do after seeing the idea on Pinterest.

Because it’s a little hard to see, I’ll explain. The base of the lamp is a shiny gold, and the shade has a ruffled linen on it.

I knew I couldn’t paint over the ruffles, so I had to take the linen off. If I had known what was underneath, I might have just went and bought a plain white lampshade at Target or Walmart. I feel it would have been much easier to paint on fabric than the plastic stuff that is underneath the fabric! But, nevertheless, it still worked!

I have no pictures of it, but I used blue painters tape to outline my lines.

First, I went about three inches from the bottom of the shade and made a line of tape around the entire shade so that my first set of lines would line up nicely. Once the first row of “triangles” is done, you can remove this tape line and continue on to the next line. It’s hard to see without a picture, so here is the finished product:

With seeing the picture, you can tell what I meant by “triangles,” maybe “cones” would be a better term to use. You just cut the tape as you apply. It may not look perfect while you’re taping, and it could get frustrating if you have a little bit of a short temper like I do (oops 🙂 ), but once you paint you can barely tell of the imperfections that you may see with the painters tape. Mine is far from perfect, but they say perfect does not exist, right? So it looks good to me!

I also spray painted the bottom a silver. I bought the spray paint at Home Depot for about $5. The craft paint from Michaels cost about $4. So about a $5 lamp, because I did not use an entire can of spray paint, and now I can use it for another project!

I am so into the shiny silver right now. I looove the mirrored side tables and bureaus that are “in” at the moment. But, that’s another post.

BEWARE: Before buying craft paint, and despite the warnings I read on the internet, I did a first coat with regular paint used for walls in the house. It came out bad, so I went and did a top 2 more coats with craft paint. Because of this, when the lamp is turned on the light brings out the streaks in the house paint. Just a little flaw, but if I had not used the house paint, I’m sure it would have come out better and streak-less. Do not get lazy like I did!

Here is a side-by-side:

There you have it! I am very proud of this lamp, I just LOVE the idea of the Chevron pattern, and the yellow makes it look extra cute. Happy DIY’ing!







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