DIY Pillows!

So in the beginning of this summer, I was deciding what I wanted the color scheme of the room in my apartment to be. I had a few ideas floating through my mind. I knew I wanted a violet or lilac purple, but there were other ideas too. I was at Home Goods and found some really cute pillows. After seeing the price tag of $25 each, and knowing I needed at least 2 pillows on my bed, I knew I had to have other options. I jokingly said “I can make my own pillows for less than that!” Can you guess what I did? I made pillows!

Let me tell you, fabric stores are no joke. They are NOT playing around. I am not a good decision maker, so being in Joann Fabrics was one huge indecisive moment for me. There were SO many options. I went without an exact color scheme, but I knew one would probably be yellow and purple. I found the perfect yellow pattern. I immediately knew I wanted it.


The picture doesn’t do the pattern much justice, but you get the gist. I made three pillows out of the amount of fabric the lady gave me (because I had no idea how much I needed). It cost about 10 dollars to make these three pillows.

Of course, I needed another color. With purple in mind, I went back to Joann Fabrics. I found this..

The picture makes them look a little on the navy side, but they are a rich purple. Maybe like a “beet” color. Don’t mind the crayon piece, which was very easy by the way!

So, out of the purple fabric I got one big pillow, one long pillow (like the yellow long ones) and two small square pillows. I made a total of 7 pillows and it cost me in the range of $30-$40. That is less than 2 at Home Goods!

I sewed the pillows with a sewing machine. VERY easy!! It took me about an hour to make 3 pillows.

No excuse not to try!

au revoir!



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