A Gallery Wall

This is a Pottery Barn Gallery wall. Basically just to give the concept. Ah-maze-balls, as Guiliana Rancic would say. It is just so aesthetically pleasing, I think everyone needs one in their home! I love that Pottery Barn did theirs with all black and white prints. It could be done with regular pictures from friends and family, motivational sayings found on the internet, or pretty designs with different colors spread throughout. There’s really no limits to the gallery wall, I even love how they mix and matched frame colors in this one!

For my gallery wall, I am thinking there will be a few pictures. After looking at the Pottery Barn version, I think I’ll do black and white. Personally I don’t LOVE the look of actual pictures on walls. Those memories can be saved in cute photo books placed in a basket near a sofa. One frame I have already completed, though, is this. It is a quote in french (mind you, google translator did this for me) “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.” I chose to do it in french because I like the language, it’s pretty. I’ll post the DIY idea later. For now, I’ll give a hint. There was a pillowcase involved.



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